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   CYCU ranked among Asia's top 100 universities and first among Taiwan’s private comprehensive universities by UK-based Times Higher Education Emerging Economies Ranking 2015. In addition, this meeting has been bringing opportunities for exchange between CYCU and HCMUTE professors in education and research.
Some photos of this event:

Prof. Dr. Meng-Hui Li (Dean of College of Engineering) was introducing about the College of Engineering

Assistant Prof. Dr. Kao-Hao Chang was introducing about the Department of Civil Engineering

Assistant Prof. Dr. Cheng-Da Wu was introducing about the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ming-Fa Hsieh was introducing about the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Some scholarships at CYCU for international students

Prof. Dr. Chien-Chieh Hu was introducing about the Membrane Technology Program

A student was asking about CYCU scholarships

HCMUTE students were attending 

Taking memory photos between CYCU and HCMUTE
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